East Lake Golf Club scorecard, par, location, cost to play and more

An East Lake Golf Club scorecard, breakdown of the holes, and everything you need to know about the home of the TOUR Championship.

TOUR Championship - Preview Day 3
TOUR Championship - Preview Day 3 / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Golf fans who religiously watch the PGA Tour know that the season comes to an end at historic East Lake Golf Club. It's where we've seen Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, among many others, work magic and where the FedEx Cup Champion is now crowned annually at the TOUR Championship, the last playoff event of the year with the 30 golfers still remaining in the field.

Much of the history of East Lake is tied to Bobby Jones. This was the greatest amateur in golf history's home course. In the vaunted (and exceptionally private) clubhouse, there are countless homages to Jones and his legacy in the game.

But given the hallowed way that East Lake Golf Club is discussed in the sport, some fans might have more questions about the golf course. What is par at East Lake? How does the East Lake scorecard break down? Where is the course and what is some of its history? How much would it cost to play a round at East Lake?

We have you covered with everything you need to know about one of the Meccas of golf.

TOUR Championship: What is par at East Lake Golf Club?

For the TOUR Championship, East Lake plays as a Par 70 course for the 30 players on the PGA Tour who earn their way into the final FedEx Cup Playoff event. The course plays at an average of 7,346 yards, which makes it quite long for a Par 70 layout, even on the PGA Tour. This is further evidenced by the fact that East Lake actually plays as a Par 72 for members and in some other previous tournaments as well.

Where is East Lake Golf Club located?

As you probably guessed as the home club of Bobby Jones, East Lake Golf Club is located in Atlanta, GA. The private club is located about five miles east of downtown in the southern metropolis. It is also the oldest golf course in Atlanta, which further plays into its historical roots in the game. Of course, it would probably be the most famous course in Georgia if not for that place a couple hours north in Augusta.

East Lake Golf Club scorecard: Hole names, yardages, par for the TOUR Championship

Let's take a look at the East Lake Golf Club scorecard with the yardages and par for each hole to see what players are up against at the TOUR Championship.

  • Hole No. 1 - Par 4 (469 yards)
  • Hole No. 2 - Par 3 (197 yards)
  • Hole No. 3 - Par 4 (391 yards)
  • Hole No. 4 - Par 4 (479 yards)
  • Hole No. 5 - Par 4 (442 yards)
  • Hole No. 6 - Par 5 (525 yards)
  • Hole No. 7 - Par 4 (481 yards)
  • Hole No. 8 - Par 4 (455 yards)
  • Hole No. 9 - Par 3 (235 yards)
  • Front Nine: Par 35 - 3,674 yards
  • Hole No. 10 - Par 4 (424 yards)
  • Hole No. 11 - Par 3 (214 yards)
  • Hole No. 12 - Par 4 (389 yards)
  • Hole No. 13 - Par 4 (440 yards)
  • Hole No. 14 - Par 4 (520 yards)
  • Hole No. 15 - Par 3 (211 yards)
  • Hole No. 16 - Par 4 (454 yards)
  • Hole No. 17 - Par 4 (430 yards)
  • Hole No. 18 - Par 5 (590 yards)
  • Back Nine: Par 35 - 3,672 yards
  • Total: Par 70 - 7,346 yards

Though there arguably isn't an easy hole on the entire course, there is plenty of drama to be had down the home stretch. The 15th hole, a long Par 3 with an isthmus (basically an island) green, is one of the most diabolically difficult tests on the PGA Tour. Then there's the long, downhill Par 5 finishing hole that has plenty of risk reward involved with the approach.

East Lake Golf Club history: Tournaments hosted for PGA Tour and more

The land that became East Lake Golf Club was originally purchased in 1904 by the Atlanta Athletic Club, which was headed by John Heisman (yes, that Heisman) at the time. The 18-hole course was built from 1906 until 1907, though members played what holes were available early in its history. Famous golf architect Donald Ross then redesigned the course in 1913.

Bobby Jones, arguably the most famous member, is rumored to have played his first and last rounds of golf at East Lake.

Near its initial opening, there was a No. 2 course that that was opened there in 1908, which Ross also redesigned later (in 1928, specifically) to update the architecture. That is no longer part of the property, however, as the second course was

There was a tumultuous time in East Lake's history for quite a while including a catastrophic fire at the clubhouse in 1925 -- though that did make way for Phiip Shutze to design the now-iconic clubhouse that sits at the venue now -- and then later shifting into a period of proverbial irrelevancy, specifically at the highest level of golf, in the 1970s and 1980s. Then changes came around to rejuvenate the historic venue.

Rees Jones, the son of another famous golf architect in Robert Trent Jones, redesigned Ross' originally East Lake in 1994. There are now more planned renovations to the venue after the conclusion of the 2023 TOUR Championship.

Speaking of, the TOUR Championship was first played here on the PGA Tour back in 1998, which was won by Hal Sutton. It was then played at the venue in 2000 and 2002 and has since been played at East Lake every year as the conclusion of the season since 2004.

In addition to the TOUR Championship, East Lake Golf Club has also hosted the East Lake Cup, a collegiate tournament for both men's and women's teams that was held from 2015-18. The last iteration of that event in 2018 was won by the Auburn University men's team and the USC women's team. Viktor Hovland (Oklahoma State) won the men's individual competition while Albane Valenzuela won the women's individual title.

Beyond that, East Lake has also hosted a number of other tournaments in its more than a century of existence. Most notably, it hosted the 1963 Ryder Cup (won by the United States), the 2001 US Amateur (won by Bubba Dickerson) and the 1950 US Women's Amateur (won by Beverly Hanson). East Lake also hosted the Southern Amateur six times (1907, 1910, 1915, 1922, 1933, 2002), the Southern Open in 1919, 1920 and 1927, and the 1997 Western Junior. Bobby Jones, for what it's worth, won the 1922 Southern Amateur and 1927 Southern Open at his home course.

How much does it cost to play at East Lake Golf Club?

The average golfer isn't just going to roll into Atlanta and play at East Lake. East Lake Golf Club is a private club that, per a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2018, has a membership fee of a whopping $125,000. Not only that but the report also said that the club "suggests" a $200,000 donation to its non-profit initiative, the East Lake Foundation, upon joining.

After shelling out over a quarter-million, it's a piece of cake. East Lake is a walking only course, but every round will have players accompanied by a caddy. There is no per-round fee, which is nice given the cost of the membership, so your best opportunity to play would probably be somehow working your way into the good graces of a member and joining as a guest.

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