TCU’s Tre Richardson pays homage to Michael Jordan with shrug on back to back Grand Slams

Bulls great Michael Jordan. (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)
Bulls great Michael Jordan. (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) /

TCU junior infielder Tre Richardson hit back-to-back Grand Slams against Arkansas and paid homage to his royal airness, Michael Jordan, in the process. 

Michael Jordan probably wasn’t watching TCU take on Arkansas in the College World Series, but Tre Richardson may have made him do so.

The six-time champion’s iconic shrug was put on full display after Richardson blasted his second consecutive, yes second consecutive Grand Slam against the Razorbacks. As he rounded the bases, Richardson, a Kingwood, TX native, paid homage to Jordan with a shrug.

Tre Richardson pays homage to Michael Jordan with an iconic shrug following his second consecutive Grand Slam.

In case anyone was unaware, the famous shrug of Michael Jordan came during the 1992 NBA Finals against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 1 when Jordan hit six three-pointers in the first half. Chicago went on to win the game and the series in six games, the second of Jordan’s ultimately six NBA championships with six MVPs.

Richardson may be unaware of the exact circumstances regarding Jordan’s shrug, such as the exact game, but he is aware of it occurring thanks to the memes that continuously flow through the Twitter verse.

Nevertheless, Richardson now has his big moment, and he did it while paying homage to one of sport’s greatest icons. If TCU somehow wins the national championship, this moment will forever be marked in the annals of Horned Frog history.

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