NFL power rankings, Week 10: Jets rise, Rams fall

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - NOVEMBER 06: Michael Carter II #30 of the New York Jets and Brandin Echols #26 of the New York Jets celebrate after beating the Buffalo Bills 20-17 at MetLife Stadium on November 06, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - NOVEMBER 06: Michael Carter II #30 of the New York Jets and Brandin Echols #26 of the New York Jets celebrate after beating the Buffalo Bills 20-17 at MetLife Stadium on November 06, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets are rising in our Week 10 NFL power rankings after a huge win, while the Los Angeles Rams fall following a crushing defeat.

10. . 1-6-1. Previous: . Houston Texans. 32. team

Hard not to see Houston as the league’s worst team. No juice defensively and limited severely on offense.

. 2-7. Previous: . Carolina Panthers. 31. team. 87

Well, that was a welcome to reality game for Carolina. Woof.

. 2-6. Previous: . Detroit Lions. 30. team. 50

The Lions found a way to beat the Packers via three Aaron Rodgers interceptions. Big upset.

55. . 2-6. Previous: . Pittsburgh Steelers. 29. team

Finally, the Steelers didn’t have to watch their quarterback play awful football on Sunday.

28. . 2-6. Previous: . Las Vegas Raiders. 28. team

It’s over. Like, completely over. Being 2-6 in the AFC is a wrap. Three blown leads this year of at least 17 points.

. 3-6. Previous: . Chicago Bears. 27. team. 57

Justin Fields is starting to become a really fun weekly watch, but the Bears couldn’t overcome the Dolphins’ high-powered attack.

Denver Broncos. 26. team. 45. . 3-5. Previous:

Denver is back off its bye this week. Let’s ride!

Indianapolis Colts. 25. team. 46. . 3-5-1. Previous:

The Colts have no quarterback and no hope. At this point, play out the string and do everything possible to land a signal-caller in the draft.

15. . 3-6. Previous: . New Orleans Saints. 24. team

The Saints did nothing well on Monday, and that showed up in the blowout result against Baltimore.

Previous: . Jacksonville Jaguars. 23. team. 52. . 3-6

Jacksonville provided a stirring comeback against the Raiders, coming back from 17-0 to win 27-20. Now, the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

. 3-6. Previous: . Arizona Cardinals. 22. team. 32

Kyler Murray isn’t playing well, the defense isn’t good and the coaching is middling. Not a terrific combo.

. 3-5. Previous: . Cleveland Browns. 21. team. 53

Coming out of their bye, the Browns have to handle the Miami offense. Not easy.

20. team. 49. . 3-6. Previous: . Green Bay Packers

It’s time to start thinking about mock drafts in Green Bay. The offense is useless.

Washington Commanders. 19. team. 58. . 4-5. Previous:

Washington blew a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter. Tough ending to a day which began in promising fashion.

51. . 3-5. Previous: . Los Angeles Rams. 18. team

Just an inexcusable loss. The Rams had the Bucs beat, and then fell apart in the final two minutes.

Previous: . Atlanta Falcons. 17. team. 44. . 4-5

Atlanta had a potentially game-winning fumble recovery. But, as only the Falcons can do, they fumbled the ball seconds later and the Chargers hit a game-winning field goal.

4-5. Previous: . Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 16. team. 48.

The offense remains a travesty, but the Buccaneers gave themselves a jolt with a game-winning drive of 60 yards in 35 seconds.

. 5-4. Previous: . New England Patriots. 15. team. 47

The Patriots need so much more from Mac Jones, but the defense is playing solid football and Rhemondre Stevenson is a force.

13. . 5-3. Previous: . Los Angeles Chargers. 14. team

At some point, the Chargers must put a complete game together. Still, they won on the road without Keenan Allen or Mike Williams. Props for that.

13. team. 35. . 5-3. Previous: . Tennessee Titans

Tennessee had Kansas City beaten, but Partick Mahomes made one play after the next. The Titans are a factor in the AFC.

30. . 6-3. Previous: . New York Jets. 12. team

Enormous victory that could propel the Jets into the playoffs. New York trailed 14-3 to Buffalo before rallying to win 20-17. Phenomenal defensive effort.

11. team. 56. . 5-4. Previous: . Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals responded to their worst game of the season with their best, routing Carolina with a 42-point explosion. Also, Joe Mixon with five touchdowns? Not a bad day.

36. . 6-3. Previous: . Seattle Seahawks. 10. team

The Seahawks are legit. At this point, it would be surprising if Seattle didn’t make it to the playoffs.

4-4. Previous: . San Francisco 49ers. 9. team. 42.

Coming off the bye, San Francisco hosts the Chargers on Sunday night. The Niners might rush for 450 yards.

6-2. Previous: . New York Giants. 8. team. 31.

The Giants are having a dream season. They’ll need to keep improving to make a playoff push.

Baltimore Ravens. 7. team. 26. . 5-3. Previous:

Terrific showing from the defense. Baltimore is going to beat up on a very easy schedule going forward.

6-3. Previous: . Miami Dolphins. 6. team. 59.

Miami is for real. Tua Tagovailoa is playing fantastic football, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are the best combination of receivers in the game, and Mike McDaniel is showing he’s a terrific hire.

Previous: . Dallas Cowboys. 5. team. 123. . 6-2

Out of the bye, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are visiting the Packers. Frankly, an ideal spot.

60. . 7-1. Previous: . Minnesota Vikings. 4. team

The Vikings are consistently winning one-score games. Good thing? Time will tell, but being 7-1 is impressive regardless.

Buffalo Bills. 3. team. 16. . 6-2. Previous:

Buffalo is still a favorite, but the turnovers need to stop. Too many in the last few games.

2. team. 124. . 6-2. Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs

Ugly win, but the defense gave up seven yards on 27 plays throughout the second half and overtime. That’ll play.

54. . 8-0. Previous: . Philadelphia Eagles. 1. team

The Eagles keep rolling. Philadelphia is playing really well on both sides of the ball, while Jalen Hurts is a legit MVP candidate.