Lou Holtz's preseason rankings are laughable, including surprise Georgia ranking

Lou Holtz's preseason rankings are not only bad, they are beyond embarrassing.

Lou Holtz. (Drew Angerer/GettyImages)
Lou Holtz. (Drew Angerer/GettyImages) / Drew Angerer/GettyImages

How on God's green earth does Lou Holtz have Georgia at No. 5 in his preseason rankings?

From this point on, anything that comes out of Lou Holtz's one-of-a-kind mouth pertaining to college football should not be taken seriously.

Oh, the former college head coach at places like Notre Dame and South Carolina just released his preseason rankings, alright. While you can certainly argue for his No. 1 team Michigan in the top spot, he has Georgia fifth... fifth?! Does he think Mark Richt is still coaching this team, or is he just mad that David Pollack went Freakazoid! all over his Gamecocks in their end zone to break them?

To make this even worse, he has USC ranked No. 2, a team that cannot stop a nosebleed on defense.

Lou Holtz's absolutely horrific preseason rankings are as advertised

Holtz's top five are in order Michigan, USC, Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia. If he had only swapped Georgia with USC, that would have been fine, but here we are! No. 6 through 10 are LSU, Florida State, Notre Dame, Penn State and Washington. As a shock to absolutely no one, Holtz artificially inflated the Fighting Irish. They are closer to the No. 13 team in the land than they are towards being the No. 8.

And for teams No. 11 to 16, we have some more questions. They are as follows: Clemson, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Texas, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Clemson, Tennessee and Texas all belong somewhere in the No. 7 to 15 range. Oklahoma might be a top-20 team. South Carolina may crack the top 25. And for those Oklahoma State Cowboys, this could be a season from hell for ole Mike Gundy...

Even crazier, there are other notable teams nowhere to be found in Holtz's preseason rankings. Where are the Big 12 champion Kansas State Wildcats? How about the national runner-up TCU Horned Frogs? I'm pretty sure the Oregon Ducks and Utah Utes are going to be pretty good again this season. Heck, the Oregon State Beavers are way better than three of Holtz's top 16 teams for 2023!

I am not going to say it, but this is right up there with Lee Corso picking TCU to beat Georgia in the national championship game. Just because you want something to happen doesn't mean it will. If Notre Dame plays South Carolina in the national championship game this year, the rapture is upon us. Fate would have it, this would be a rematch of last year's Gator Bowl down in Jacksonville. Incredible!

Having Georgia fifth is like predicting the Dawgs will go 7-5, just like not Mark Richt Kirby Smart says.

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